Aspire Medical Clinics offer an innovative and integrated approach to your health care. We have gone beyond traditional family medicine and have developed a health management system that emphasizes a holistic approach to improve and maintain your health. Partnering with Imagine Health Centres, we are able to provide you many services under one roof. These include: family doctors, physiotherapy, massage therapy, nutritional consultation, and customized fitness programs. In addition, we are quickly adding other useful services based on patient need and demand.

We are family medicine clinics and have top-notch physicians to help you with any medical problem. What is innovative is that our doctors work as a team with our physiotherapists, fitness trainers, and nutritionists as well as other allied health providers to improve your health and lower your risk for chronic diseases. Our goal is to maximize your health, and lower your risk for future diseases and dysfunction. For example, it is a medical fact that lowering weight will decrease your risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis. We want you to “Aspire” to being the best you can be. That may mean controlling your blood pressure, or getting in shape, or stopping smoking. Whatever you “Aspire”, we are here to help you achieve it!

Do you need a family doctor?

Our family doctors are now accepting new patients for a limited time. We have locations now open in both Calgary and Edmonton.

Imagine Health Centres | Macleod Trail
4120, 15 Sunpark Plaza SE
Calgary, AB T2X 0M5
Tel: 403-910-3990
Fax: 403-910-0449
Imagine Health Centres | 23rd Avenue
2316 96 Street NW
Edmonton, AB T6N 1J8
Tel: 780-468-5999
Fax: 780-468-5398

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